The Oklahoma Cowboys / The Willis Brothers

A Grand Ole Opry road company gathers on Thanksgiving Day in Germany during a 1949
tour of U.S. Army bases in Europe. The group includes Roy Acuff, Red Foley,
Audrey & Hank Williams, Minnie Pearl and Little Jimmie Dickens

(As you can see, the decor of the Army bases were rather plain. You wouldn't find luxury bedding
on the cots, or fancy towels in the bathrooms. In fact, military personnel were lucky to have a
bed with bedding to sleep on!)

Cedric Rainwater, Hank, Don Helms
Jerry Rivers & Sammy Pruitt

Jerry Rivers, Cedric Rainwater, Hank, Sammy Pruitt & Don Helms

Jerry Rivers, Sammy Pruitt, Cedric Rainwater, Don Helms
Hank, Minnie Pearl & Big Bill Lister

Surrounded by well-wishers, the Williamses mark the June 16, 1951 opening of
"Hank & Audrey's Corral", with broadcast from the store. With Audrey & Hank
(center) is Audrey's daughter, Lycrecia Guy

Hank and a couple of goodies

Hank on an old Chevy truck

Hank and Biff Collie